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Updated Sep 15, 2008

Jay Wilson a.k.a. DarthIbis

A Central Florida native, Jay is a graduate of the University of Miami with a degree in Civil Engineering. During his time at Miami, he was a member of, and on the staff for the Band of the Hour, which helped enable him to witness some of Hurricane Football’s memorable moments in the early nineties, including the 1991 National Championship win over Nebraska in the Orange Bowl. Shortly after moving to Charlotte in 2005, he met Randy at a ‘Canes event, and has been a member of the Bottom Three Percent ever since. His analytical style is showcased in the historically and statistically oriented contributions for which he has become known on CanesOverHere. He can be reached at jwilson@members.asce.org.

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Brad Ketron a.k.a. BlueWahooCaneDevil

Brad is an accountant in Southwest Virginia, which helps explain the conglomeration of teams represented in his screen name. His primary sporting passion is Miami Hurricane football, but he's also a Duke basketball fan and supports the University of Virginia because, frankly, he hates Virginia Tech. Brad joined The Bottom Three Percent for his first tailgate party in 2005 before the dominating Cane victory in Blacksburg, and has been a solid contributor at CanesOverHere.com since shortly after its inception. He can be reached at bradketron@yahoo.com.

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